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"NEW CATEGORIES! NFP – Not for Profit - employee of a community not for profit organization
Global South - a resident of the global south as defined by IOCE and who are members of their national VOPE"

Note: the CES Board of Directors would like to remind those renewing their CES membership that the ANZEA/EES/AEA/AES category on the membership form is for ANZEA/EES/AEA/AES members only who qualify for a discounted CES membership. This category does not apply to Canadian CES members. See additional notes below.
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CES’ reciprocal agreement with AEA, AES, ANZEA and EES is that all national (American, Australian, New Zealander, and European, respectively) evaluators who hold current full paid memberships with AEA, AES, ANZEA or EES will receive a 25% discount on CES Membership, as indicated in the CES fee schedule.